Between 2014-2015, the Jakubowski-Mechanika company participated in the ARUZ contraction project (‘design and build’) for Technopark in Łódź, as the subcontractor of Ericpol Sp. z o.o., which was the general contractor. The author of the ARUZ constructional and operational concept was Politechnika Łódzka.

The task was to design and build a support structure and a cooling system for the ARUZ device, i.e. the Real Complex System Analyser, used mainly by chemists and physicists to perform complex calculations.

The structure is about 4.5m high and its oval body has 16m is diameter. It was equipped with cooling plates to ensure the optimum temperature for the electronic components. The task also included installation of gratings, cable trays, construction of the hydraulic drive for the cooling plates and multiple additional components, such as angle bars, brackets, bars, bolts, bushings, connectors, machine feet, piping and distributors, galvanised cable trays, railing, ladders and steps.

Thanks to the skilful manufacture of all structural elements, the installation was very pleasurable and trouble-free, which is not always the norm when it comes to projects of this scale.

Please feel free to send us your enquiries also about large-scale projects and structures, such as the one described above. We are certain that the implementation of the abovementioned task has proven our skills and shown that our company is able to carry out such complex and significant tasks, even in the face of any difficulties which may arise during their implementation.

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